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     Hi, my name is Chun Kit or Martin in short. I am the developer of this platform. I like to share my knowledge to everyone and i love it too because it is my passionate to do so. This is the reason why this platform are being build.

      This platform is about sharing knowledge on Chemistry subject. In the mean time this platform will only share knowledge on Acid and Base chapter from Chemistry subject. All the topics of Acid and Base chapter is refer to the Malaysia Chemistry text book. This is due to this platform in the meantime will only distribute on Malaysia only.


      This platform is a Edutainment platform that uses to teach the learner Chemistry subject in a fun way. Myself had study Chemistry subject in my secondary school and I feel the traditional way of teaching from teacher is very boring and it full of theory and it make me headache. In order to assist and help the student nowadays, I come out with a solution which is this platform. This platform not only included theory of the topic but also included entertainment elements which will help the learners to easily memorize and study all the topic. Using entertainment and education together will always work as I believe. This due the observation of myself toward the kid nowadays. Kid nowadays learn faster when they playing with their parent phone. Which phone had many entertainment elements that attract the kid nowadays and kid nowadays really putting all their attention on learning it.

     As a conclusion I hope this platform which full of entertainment and education materials will help the student nowadays and eliminate the traditional way of learning. As the time pass, there are new thing and trend coming up, so in order to catch up on that we also need to updated ourself.

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